The Larkin Ledgers

Like an endless chain of half-built houses

About The Larkin Ledgers

“The moral of the story is that things are a mess in here. We effectively ‘lost’ almost two hundred thousand books when Tolem burned the Larkin ledgers. They were the only records on where those books were located. Then, five years later, Tolem dies. Guess what happens then?”

The Larkin Ledgers is a place to burn.  It’s also a place to start when you’re looking for information about or tertiary to The Kingkiller Chronicle.  It ain’t pretty.  Posts will be updated and cross referenced as time and desire permit.

Master Larkin is a second order pseudonym in keeping with the feel of the blog.

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4 thoughts on “About The Larkin Ledgers

  1. I think you ought to let others know whether you’re alive. People have been asking.

  2. Oh you never finished reviewing the slow regard! I really loved reading your thoughts and ideas, I loved the parts I disagreed with the most! If you ever continue (unlikely but hope is hope) do let me know! ^_^

  3. Thistlepong? Are you alive?

  4. She’s alive, for those wondering.

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